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Gargoyles are one of the most highly recognizable gothic symbols from the medieval era, and we are happy to offer an absolutely staggering selection of impressive gargoyle products. Gargoyles are typically classified as grotesques, which is as much a reference to their intriguing appearance as it is to their function. Originally, gargoyles were designed to be decorative water spouts that drained water away from walls to prevent damage, although as time went by, legends and myths about these creatures began to spring up as well. One of the more popular myths is that gargoyles offer protection against evil spirits, as their fearsome appearance wards off evil, fighting fire with fire, in a manner of speaking. Adding on to that myth is the popular depiction of gargoyles coming to life after sundown, where they take flight and continue their vigil against evil spirits only to return to their perch at sunrise where they become stone again. We offer a wide assortment of different gargoyle items ranging from traditional gargoyle statues to impressive gargoyle tables. Gargoyle home decor is great for adding either a medieval and gothic feel to your home, whether you are decorating a few rooms indoors or the garden just outside your windows. Gargoyle lamps will keep your home bright and illuminated, while other pieces of gargoyle home decor are perfect for adding that little touch of gothic gargoyle style you might be missing. They make great gifts too, provided that you know someone who loves the gothic look of a traditional gargoyle! So if you are looking for a place to get your gargoyle fix, then you have found just the right spot, because there are gargoyles aplenty in our gargoyle statues and collectibles category!

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