Department 56 Village Accessories

Make your miniature village the very best with our Department 56 village accessories! This category includes accessory buildings and figurines, like gazebos, town clocks, benches, ponds, woodland creatures, and extra villagers, as well as landscaping and greenery, walls, fences, streets, and more. Now you can add extra snow, trees of all kinds, moss, and more to your display. These holiday village accessories go along with our Department 56 Village collections, and a lot of them are versatile pieces that work for any type of miniature village. We also offer replacement bulbs, power cords, and AC DC adapters to help your village look its best and shine brightly in any room of your house. Give your seasonal village extra detail and a personal touch with these village accessories, and ensure its longevity with replacement parts specifically made for Department 56 buildings and figurines.

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