Replacement Bulbs & Power Cords by Department 56

Keep your holiday village well-lit with the help of these Department 56 lighting accessories! We are happy to provide replacement bulbs and accessory cords designed to work with Department 56 products. Our village light bulbs come in 3V, 12V, and 120V sets. Please make sure to refer to village product packaging to purchase the correct replacement bulb. Our multiple socket power cords make a great way to eliminate single light cords and give a less cluttered look to your town. In addition to Christmas village bulbs and replacement cords, we also carry AC DC power adapters, which make a good option for Department 56 collectibles that have animation or audio effects. Our retrofit unit offers another alternative with a battery-operated lighting device, letting you illuminate your pieces in places that lack a convenient power source nearby. No matter what your need, we aim to make it easy to keep your miniature town in good shape!


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