Barrel Cleaning & Maintenance

If you own an oak barrel, and more importantly, if you are using it to flavor and age your own spirits, then you need the items from our cleaning and maintenance section. Its just a simple fact. If you are aging spirits, you will eventually need to clean your barrel, especially if you are using one oak barrel to age multiple flavors. You would not want to compromise any of your brews, would you? Of course not! And with our total care kits, cleaning and caring for your oak barrel is a breeze – a cool, refreshing breeze that prolongs the life of your oak barrel and ensures that your spirits are not cross-contaminated by any other previously used flavors. And not only do we have a total care kit that is perfect for all of our oak barrels, but we also carry a series of replacement bungs and replacement spigots for our oak barrels, to ensure that even if you lose or damage a piece of your own oak barrel, you can find a replacement without having to replace the whole oak barrel. If you are interested in aging your own spirits and liquors, or if you already are doing so, then check out our oak barrel cleaning and maintenance section. It is the only right choice, considering that any other option could result in a terrifying mystery-brew that tastes like everything and nothing, all at once.


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