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Fans of the Dark Ages know the terror inspired by the Black Plague, the pandemic that absolutely devastated the European population. This dark, gruesome period of history has come to be represented by the idea of the Plague Doctor, iconic for their outfits. Plague doctors wore a specific plague doctor costume, including a beak mask that made them resemble giant crows or ravens. Plague doctors would stuff the beaks of their avian masks with aromatic herbs in an attempt to ward off contracting the plague themselves. 

Today we don’t have Plague Doctors roaming the world anymore. However, the Plague Doctor mask has become the iconic piece of costume head gear that calls back to that tumultuous time. What began as a way to ensure they weren’t infected with the plague themselves soon became a universally-feared outfit and costume. Dressed head to toe in black and with their faces hidden behind a gruesome mask as they tended to plague victims, plague doctors were mysterious figures that would only mean that death from pandemic was near. Today, the plague doctor mask is part of a costume, but the image of a cloaked figure wearing a plague doctor mask has become a part of our collective unconscious.

Now you too can become this horror of the medieval world with our selection of Plague Doctor Masks! Dark Knight Armoury offers a wonderful array of options for you to choose from for your own plague doctor mask costume. Our plague doctor masks come in a variety of different materials, such as latex, leather, and more. Also, our plague masks come in a variety of colors like black or brown. We have crow skull masks as well. These are perfect for those who prefer a more avian style, as plague doctors did wear a variety of different style masks. Wear one of these fabulous and spooky plague masks to your next event. We are sure to have a medieval plague doctor mask that will suit your taste.

Ready to move away from plague doctors and find something a bit less scary to portray? Or are you ready to double-down on spine-tingling horror? Dark Knight Armoury has everything you need! From reenactment and fantasy weapons and armor to garb, costumes, jewelry, accessories, and more, we’re your one-stop-shop for everything you need. So what are you waiting for? Come browse our selection today!


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