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Stage combat requires a careful selection of the proper tools, since safety, durability, and appearance all play an important part in a successful performance. Stage Steel crafts high-quality theatrical swords that double as excellent training weapons. These battle ready swords possess full tangs and blunt edges, and they are handcrafted with blades made from single pieces of rigid steel, which extend through the grips with heavy welded guards and pommels. The European style swords feature hammered and blackened iron pommels and guards with grips that are padded with leather and wrapped in wire. The Oriental style swords have smoother, darkened tsuba and end caps, also with leather and wire-wrapped handles. These styles of swords include rapiers, claymores, katana, broadswords, odachi, cutlasses, and more. We are pleased to offer a fine selection of these stage swords, as well as a number of daggers and battle ready steel helmets in various medieval styles. Take a moment to peruse the selection we have available to find the perfect stage weapon for your needs!


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