If you are wanting a Japanese-style sword that you can take to the battlefield or display, then check out our Ryumon swords. Ryumon makes high-quality swords that do not break the bank. These swords include handmade katanas, wakizashis, and tantos. Master craftsmen make these functional swords. They have years of experience in crafting swords. Each blade is a fully functional, battle-ready samurai sword. The swords have curved blades. Curved blades are common to Japanese swords. Many of the blades have a fuller running down their length. They are high-carbon steel with some blades consisting of Damascus high-carbon steel.

Most of the Ryumon weapons have traditional Japanese styles while others have a more modern take. For example, there is a tanto with a nylon-fiber handle and a nylon scabbard. The more traditionally styled weapons have a decorated tsuba. The tsuba features a different design for each sword. For example, one sword will have a bamboo design on the tsuba, while another has a dragon design. Then, the swords continue with real ray skin, or same on their handles. Fabric wraps around the handles. The wrapping is often either silk or cotton.

In addition, some of the weapons will even come with a sword bag, a certificate of authenticity, and a traditional Japanese sword cleaning kit. Others may have a storage box. Make sure that you stop and check the selection of Ryumon products at Dark Knight Armoury. These functional weapons are great for the battlefield and any weaponry collection. You can display then or use them.


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