Leonardo Carbone

Leonardo Carbone handcrafts high quality medieval and Viking clothing to take your reenactment, LARP, and Renaissance faire outfits to the next level. Based in Germany, their handcrafted historical clothing bring rugged detail to any historical or fantasy costume.

Medieval Clothing & Garb

Build your medieval wardrobe with Leonardo Carbone medieval garb. Shop handcrafted medieval tunics, medieval maiden blouses, chemises, and so much more. From medieval shirts for knight and rogues to medieval dresses to wear to the faire, you’ll find it all here. Most medieval clothing is made of a sturdy, rugged weave cotton that is comfortable and breathable, or other natural materials like viscose.

Viking Clothing & Accessories

If pillaging is in your future, get ready for epic adventures with Leonardo Carbone handcrafted Viking clothing. Mens Viking tunics and womens Norse underdresses are must-haves for any Nordic costume. Dress as a shieldmaiden, berserker, or jarl with our variety of Viking reenactment clothing. Many of these pieces feature beautiful hand stitched embroidery of mythical figures, like Hugin and Mugin, as well as intricate Viking knotwork.

Medieval Fantasy Clothing & Witch Hats

Bring your medieval fantasy dreams to life with fantasy clothing. Shop elven tunics, medieval cloaks, wizard hats, and so much more. Put together an awesome wizard costume with handcrafted pointed wizard hats, wool cloaks, and more. Shop hooded elven tunics that are perfect for creating a fairytale inspired outfit. Witch hats and medieval witch dresses can effortlessly go from the medieval faire to your next costume party.

Medieval Leather Accessories & Boots

Shop medieval accessories as well to tie your whole outfit together. Combine a medieval belt or leather kidney belt with just about any historical tunic and you will be ready to head out on adventure. We also offer medieval leather boots made of high quality nubuck leather. This leather construction is paired with a rubber sole for modern practicality on all kinds of adventures.

No matter what your historical or fantasy needs are, you’ll find just what you need to realize them here at Dark Knight Armoury. Shop our selection of Leonardo Carbone historical clothing and accessories to put together your next medieval costume for Renaissance faires, LARP events, reenactments, and more.


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