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Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer this great selection of bows from Grayvn Archery. They build bows in tribute to traditional archery, to both its heritage and the adventurous spirit that it represents. We carry a wide assortment of their high quality bows. They come in a range of draw weights and styles. You can get a longbow inspired by the elves from the Lord of the Rings or the Hunger Games. You can also choose a bow with a classic English longbow or a war bow design if you prefer.

There are also bows that have been featured in different pieces of media such as The Rangers Web Series. All of the bows feature high quality materials such as solid hickory. You can pick a bow that meets your needed draw weight and grip. Many of the bows come in a variety of grip styles. They feature arrow rests for left and right-handed use, allowing for equal access to these great bows. Whether you need a bow for hunting, target practice, competition, or even cosplay, there is a bow that will meet your needs. They all come in a 28 inch draw length and feature a chart to help you convert your desired draw weight and length into a bow usable for you. Make sure that you check out Dark Knight Armourys selection of Grayvn Archery bows if you love the look and feel of firing a bow with a traditional design. You are sure to find something that interests you.


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