Leather Headbands Masks and Mempos

For a unique style of medieval headwear, check out our selection of high quality leather headbands. We are proud to offer a number of leather accessories, including leather headdresses that make excellent leather crowns for period regalia. We carry leather headbands for kids and adults so that any member of the family can feel like a medieval lord or medieval lady. Masks, it seems, aren’t just for Halloween, especially when they’re as great looking as these leather masks. While each one alters your appearance, some are better for fantasy, while others would be perfect for any old or new-aged masquerade ball. These leather masks are top-quality accessories that are perfect for altering your appearance, or in this case, masking your face. They come in a diverse array of styles, ranging from gothic pieces that depict skulls to Steampunk pieces that merge the operatic flare of the Victorian age with the stylish metal and gears of Steampunk style. Our leather mempos bring a hint of Oriental flare to your armored look while also providing some much needed protection that your face might be lacking. Samurai, ronin, and even shinobi and ninja are sure to love the look of these leather face masks, thanks to how well they hide the features while offering great protection.


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