Zombie Hand Martini Glass


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Embrace the apocalypse and the living dead with a cocktail in the elegant Zombie Hand Martini Glass. This original item is sure to be a conversation started when hosting your next social event, so do not pass up your chance to own this. The stem of this item was crafted from polystone and has an impressive level of detail. The rotting flesh and veins of this hand will not stop it from holding your martini. Bloody open wounds reveal bone underneath as this zombie reach out of the ground. The base of the glass has a rock-like textured to enhance the apocalyptic tone. Party on as the world fall to pieces around you with the stylish and shocking Zombie Hand Martini Glass.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the zombie apocalypse
  • Features molded and painted detailing
  • Ideal for gifting, decorating, or collecting


  • Made from Polystone
  • Main Cup Made from Glass


  • Height: 5.87 Inches


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