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To survive in the cold Scandinavian winter, a Viking cannot neglect to cover any part of their body, including the ankles. The Wool Hamond Leg Wraps are the perfect accessory to do just that, keeping heat contained all along the lower leg. These wool winingas excellently encircle the leg from the from the knee all the way to the ankle, keeping the shins safe from harm and trapping heat by pinning the pants against the body. These leg wraps come in black, brown, or green allowing them to be paired with virtually any ensemble. For any Viking or wintry warrior ensemble, the Wool Hamond Leg Wraps are a must.

Key Features:

  • Able to cover the leg from ankle to knee
  • Provides both warm and extra padding
  • Offered in a black, brown, or green
  • Come as a set of two
  • Make a fantastic accessory for medieval, Viking, or fantasy ensembles


  • Made of 70 percent sheep wool, 20 percent polyester, and 10 percent viscose blend


  • Length: 145.7 Inches
  • Width: 4.7 Inches

Measurements are approximate. This is a handmade item that is measured by hand. Please allow for approximately 1-2 inches of variation from measurements shown.


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