Woodland Tree Bark Corset


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Natures beauty lies around for all to see, and now you can channel it as a part of your own ensemble, thanks to this Woodland Tree Bark Corset. Hand-crafted in quality leather, it reflects a strong, lovely look worthy of any dryad, forest fae, or woodland nymph. The corset is unique in its look, featuring a textured design reminiscent of tree bark, with a ragged edge that makes it seem like it is made from a length of living wood. It is an underbust style cincher that is secured with black lacing on the back. And since it is made from 8/9 oz. leather, this Woodland Tree Bark Corset offers a comfortable fit that will make it a popular choice for you to wear with a variety of costumes and looks, whenever you want that look and style that echoes the appeal of Mother Nature.

Key Features:

  • Made from a 8/9 oz. vegetable tanned leather
  • Hand-crafted right here in our shop, in the USA
  • An underbust style corset
  • Worn via soft black lacing
  • Features a distinctive woodgrain texture
  • Designed with ragged, natural edges
  • Great for all manner of costumes and looks

WaistFront LengthBack Length
22 Inch22 inches11 inches12 inches
24 Inch24 inches11 inches12 inches
26 Inch26 inches11 inches12 inches
28 Inch28 inches11 inches12 inches
30 Inch30 inches11 inches12 inches
32 Inch32 inches11 inches12 inches
34 Inch34 inches11 inches12 inches
36 Inch36 inches11 inches12 inches


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