Winged Broad Viking Spear


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For the Vikings, and any Norse warrior, the spear was an important part of their gear. They would wield spears with spearheads like the Winged Broad Viking Spear. Danes, Swedes, Finns, Icelanders, and many more Northmen would wield spears as both throwing weapons and as polearms. The importance of spears to these warriors even made it into their proverbs and moral teachings.

This functional Viking spearhead has a high-carbon steel construction. It features a long, double-edged blade with a central ridge. The edges are unsharpened.

At the base of the blade is a conical socket. The socket has a pair of wings to the sides. Its shape is similar to historical boar spears, which had wide wings to prevent the spearhead from over-penetrating a boar or other prey.

On this Nordic spearhead, there is a pair of holes for securing it to a haft like one of our pole staves. This allows you to create the Viking reenactment spear of your dreams. Fight like Ragnar Lothbrok, Erik the Red, or any other mighty Viking warrior with this Norse spearhead. Its large size is perfect for intimidating your enemies on the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Shaped like a boar spearhead
  • Features an unsharpened, double-edged blade
  • Great for Viking reenactments
  • Perfect for adding to a haft
  • Intimidating size


  • Made from high-carbon steel


  • Overall Length: 22.5 Inches
  • Edge Length: 12.25 Inches
  • Wing Width: 5 Inches
  • Socket Diameter: 1.4 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds

Measurements are approximate.


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