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Taken straight out of folklore and horror, the Werewolf Bookends are a set of terrifying bookends that depict a pair of raging, bloodthirsty werewolves surrounded by the skulls of their victims as they hunt for yet more prey. Each werewolf is meticulously detailed, possessing features of both man and wolf in a single monstrous form. Both creatures possess clawed hands and feet, as well as a fine coating of fur along with the face and muzzle of a wolf. Both wolves are hunched slightly, with one clawed hand gripping a skull, while standing next to a wall of skulls, likely a trophy dedicated to every successful hunt. These fantasy bookends are made entirely from cold cast resin, which have been hand-painted to highlight every detail while rendering the whole piece in an attractive gray color. Each bookend measures approximately 6.5 inches in height. Werewolves were inspired by countless tales and myths across the globe, and each of these contributes to the nightmarish creatures represented in the Werewolf Bookends. These accent pieces are a fantastic gift for anyone who loves not only werewolves but horror as well, and they make a great addition to any shelf or bookcase that has need of a little extra support.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hand-painted Cold Cast Resin
  • Features A Pair of Brilliantly Styled Werewolves
  • An Incredible Horror Inspired Item
  • Astoundingly Detailed Appearance
  • An Incredible Gift Idea or Home Decor Piece
  • Comes as a Pair


  • Height: 6.5 Inches


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