Walnut 10 String Lyre Harp


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Do you want a lyre harp to play a variety of music at your next medieval event? Make sure to check out the Walnut 10 String Lyre Harp. Made from walnut, this lyre has 10 metal strings that produce a classical sound when plucked. The lyre features a solid spruce soundboard. It has gently curved sides and a curved top. The strings rest against a curved bridge and feature tuning pegs at the top. Finally, this lyre comes with a tuning tool, a black carrying bag, and an extra string set. When you are not playing this lyre, hanging it up on a wall or display it in your home. It makes a great decor piece that is also functional.

Please note that this comes de-tuned and that this is made with natural materials, color may vary.

For tuning to the Chazzanut mode, start with the bass and tune to D E F G# A B C D E F.

For tuning to the Misheberakh mode, start with the bass and tune to E F# G A# B C# D E F# G.

To tune the Key of G, use either E F# G A B C D E F# G or D E F# G A B C D E F# (E is tonic).

Key Features:

  • Has 10 strings
  • Features a curved design
  • Comes with carrying bag, tuning tool, and extra set of strings
  • Great for a variety of music styles
  • Makes a wonderful decor piece when not in use


  • Made from walnut
  • Strings are metal
  • Soundboard is solid spruce

Care Instructions:

  • Do not play the lyre with missing or broken strings. Replace missing strings promptly. Wash hands before use as hand creams may damage the strings and affect the tone. Avoid extreme temperatures, extremely dry conditions, and direct sunlight. Use a dry soft cloth for cleaning. Changing strings every 3-4 months is recommended.


  • Depth: 2.1 Inches
  • Length: 15.5 Inches
  • Width: 9 Inches
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds

Measurements are approximate.


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