Viking Wolf Axe Earrings


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In the Viking culture, the wolf was often considered a creature of Odin. Odin himself had two who served him personally in lore. These Viking Wolf Axe Earrings embody not only these creatures but also the shape of the iconic Viking weapon. These earrings take the shape of a double-headed battle axe, with each blade carved with an ornate wolf image. The haft of the axe is shaped and styled for a fine scaled grip as well. The earrings are made entirely from lead-free pewter and come with attached curved wire ear hooks for easy wearing. Shield-maidens, Valkyries, and modern-day warrior-women are all invited to wear these Viking Wolf Axe Earrings as they will improve your style and maybe even curry some favor with Odin, too.

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Key Features:

  • Made entirely from lead-free pewter metal
  • Has a fine polished silver-metal finish
  • Depicts a double-headed battle axe carved with wolf emblems
  • Attached to curved wire ear hooks
  • A great gift idea or personal accessory


  • Width: 0.4 Inch
  • Length: 0.9 Inch


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