Venetian War Hammer


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When medieval knight meets Venetian War Hammer, the knight is sure to taste defeat. Based on historical designs, this hammer is similar in design to the Bec de Corbin, with a balanced design that utilizes hammer, spike, and spear to devastating effect. Mounted on a long haft, this pole arm features the typical advantage of a pole weapon, that being reach. The hand crafted carbon steel head, though, also gives it a unique advantage against armored foes, as the combination of attack points are uniquely suited for dealing with armor. The hammer head offers a point of impact for blunt force trauma, the reverse spike poll can hook riders and pierce plate, and the thin spear point can slip through the chinks in armor. And with a secure point of attachment that utilizes langets, this weapon is not only solidly built, but also highly effective for both offense and defense, too. For a foot soldier, this Venetian War Hammer is practically a dream come true, one that allows a warrior to even the odds when it comes to facing a foe in superior plate armor.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • A Historically Recreated Foot Soldiers Pole Arm
  • Mounted With Rivets and Langets
  • Possesses a Squared Hardwood Handle
  • A Fantastic Weapon to Carry and Wield


  • Features a Hand Crafted Carbon Steel Hammer Head


  • Overall Length: 53.9 Inches
  • Spear Point Length 5.9 Inches
  • Hammer Head Width: 6.25 Inches


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