Vegvisir Viking Tealight Candle Holder


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Light your way with the Vegvisir Viking Tealight Candle Holder. Its symbolic design is perfect for those who enjoy candles and Viking style. Made from cold-cast bronze, this hand-painted Viking candle holder has an L-shaped design. The stone-like bottom of the candle holder features a pentagram, which is a five-pointed star with interwoven sides.

Meanwhile, on the front of the candle holder, there is a circular design in the center. It features the sigil Vegvisir surrounded by runes. Vegvisir is a runic symbol that implies protection especially through stormy times. Wrapped around the circular symbol is a braided strand connecting three different knots.

On the back of the Norse candle holder, there is a triskele on a circle. A banner with more runes runs along the edges. Finally, this candle holder comes with a glass piece for holding a tealight candle, not included. It rests in the middle of the pentagram. You can add this Viking tealight holder to any Viking collection or Norse decor.

Key Features:

  • Holds a tealight candle, not included
  • Depicts the sigil Vegvisir
  • Highly detailed
  • Features runes and knotwork
  • Great decor piece and collectible


  • Made from cold-cast bronze


  • Length: 4.5 Inches
  • Width: 4.1 Inches
  • Height: 5.75 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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