Utility Axe


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Unlike the sword, which is purely a weapon of war, the axe is an item that has uses in both war and peace times. This medieval Utility Axe is a perfect example in that regard, possessing form enough to useful during times of war and times of peace. It was not uncommon for farmers to take their tools with them when they became soldiers, if only because they were the most readily available weapons. This axe echoes the look of a typical tool, although its look in no way compromises its effectiveness as a potential weapon. The blade is crafted from high carbon steel, while the axe head measures approximately 8.5 inches wide, giving it just enough size to be intimidating and powerful. The axe head is mounted atop a hardwood haft, which measures closer to 30.5 inches long, which is just long enough to be used effectively with one hand or two, giving this axe a rather impressive level of versatility. It is not exactly turning plows into swords, but it is close enough, as this Utility Axe looks every inch to be the perfect peasants tool, as well as a fantastic weapon to carry at your side. Plus, when you are not showing it off, you can give it a few practice swings in the training yard or mount it in your home, to really show it off as a great medieval collectible.

Key Features:

  • Axe Head is Crafted from high carbon steel
  • Comes Mounted on a Hardwood Haft
  • Great for Both One Handed and Two Handed Uses
  • A Traditional Medieval Axe
  • Simple, Effective, and Versatile
  • Great for Display, For Use as A Costume Weapon, or for Gifting


  • Axe Head Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Haft Length: 30.5 Inches


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