US Army NCO Sword



This is the regulation spec US Army NCO Sword. It features a tempered stainless steel blade, hand worked to a mirror finish. The pommel and guard are intricately cast solid brass and richly plated in 24K gold. The grip is wrapped with silver plated brass wire. The scabbard is covered in genuine black leather with brass mounts, also plated in matching 24K gold. It includes a protective cloth bag and is available in four blade lengths, 28, 30, 32, or 34 inches.

Key Features:

  • Simply beautiful sword is up to regulation spec
  • Made of incredible, high quality materials
  • Includes a scabbard with a protective cloth bag
  • Great for reenacting and collecting


  • Blade is made of stainless steel
  • Pommel and guard are solid brass with 24K gold plating
  • Pommel wrapping is made of silver plated brass
  • Scabbard is leather covered with gold plated brass mounts


  • Hilt Length: N/A Inches


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