Thors Hammer Wall Mount


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Thors mighty hammer Mjolnir commands the primal energy of the storm. This Thors Hammer Wall Mount displays a turquoise hammer ornately decorated with Norse style interlace designs in a golden hue, with a warriors helm on the hilt. Crafted from fine polyresin, this Norse wall decor displays a helmet with a cranial ridge and dragons rising from the spectacle guard around the eyes and nose, inspired by the Vendel era helmets. Cheek flaps are visible from either side of the helm, providing extra protection to the warrior. Below the helm bands of gold weave together, forming knots, until the hammer broadens at the head, decorated with scrollwork reminiscent of rolling ocean waves. This wall decor has been antiqued to give it an aged finish and to bring out every detail. The Thors Hammer Wall Mount adds a Viking accent to any room.

Key Features:

  • Displays a teal Mjolnir hammer decorated in golden ornaments
  • Possesses a fine level of intricate detail
  • Makes a great gift for history buffs and reenactors
  • Viking decor perfect for any room


  • Made from fine polyresin


  • Height: 8.3 Inches


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