Thor’s Hammer Drinking Horn


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Enter the world of Norse mythology and level up your drinking experience with the Thor’s Hammer Drinking Horn. Crafted from real horn, each piece is a testament to the rugged beauty and strength of the Viking spirit.

The horn’s majestic brass rim is adorned with intricate knotwork patterns, adding a touch of elegance and historical authenticity to your drinking experience, while its brass tip complements the overall design.

At the heart of this drinking horn is a carved and painted Mjolnir design, the legendary hammer wielded by Thor, the Norse god of thunder. A triquetra symbol nests within the center of the white Mjolnir design. This design makes it an ideal treasure for enthusiasts of Viking lore and mythology.

Designed with the modern-day Viking in mind, this drinking horn is perfect for savoring your favorite cold beverages. Whether you’re attending Renaissance faires, historical reenactments, or hosting your own Viking feast, the Thor’s Hammer Drinking Horn will ensure you do so with unparalleled style.

It’s not just a drinking accessory; it’s an artifact that connects you to the ancient world of warriors and legends. Invoke the power of Thor and make your next toast a memorable one. With the Thor’s Hammer Drinking Horn in hand, you’re not just holding a piece of history; you’re carrying on a legacy.

Key Features:

  • Brass Adornments: The elegance of the horn has a majestic brass rim and a matching brass tip.
  • Hand-Carved Mjolnir Design: Each horn features a carved and painted Thor’s Hammer at its center, along with a central triquetra symbol.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for Renaissance fairs, historical reenactments, Viking parties, or as a unique addition to your home bar.
  • Genuine Horn Material: Each drinking horn is crafted from real, high-quality horn, ensuring that no two horns are exactly alike in shape, color, or texture.
  • Unique Gift Idea: A perfect gift for fans of Viking culture, Norse mythology, or anyone who appreciates historical artifacts and unique drinkware.


  • Made from real horn with brass accents

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid dishwashers and hot beverages. Before use, make sure to wash under running water. For a longer life, treat with beeswax after each use.


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