The Vampire Rose Necklace


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The thorns of the vampiric rose are a lasting sting, one that protects its sufferer from all mortal pain. The Vampire Rose Necklace is not just a lovely little gothic accessory, but also an occult charm symbolic of vampires powers of immortal seduction. After all, the lure of life everlasting, free of pain and infirmity, is a temptation that only grows stronger as time passes. This pendant is stunningly detailed, depicting a lovely grey rose, frozen and removed from times power. Thorns sprout from its stem while leaves still touch its design. Set behind the rose is an enameled and red letter, V for vampire and touched with plated gold trim and a single red crystal accent on one side. The pendant is otherwise made almost entirely from fine polished pewter metal, and it comes complete with a satin pouch for safe keeping and a matching metal chain for wearing. Vampiric embrace is not so easy a thing to seek, yet with The Vampire Rose Necklace, you will have a touch of vampirism to carry and show off whenever you want, adding that dark and gothic bit of style to any outfit you might own.

Key Features:

  • A Part of the Children of the Night Collection, by Fantasy Artist BRIAR
  • Pendant Consists of a Frozen Rose, Framed by a Red Enameled V
  • Decorated with Gold Plating, Blood-Red Enameling, and Red Crystal Accents
  • Crafted in Fine, Polished Pewter Metal
  • Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
  • Comes with a Satin Pouch and a Matching Chain


  • Pendant Height: 1.5 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 1 Inch


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