The Fiore German Main-Gauche Parrying Dagger


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Make use of both hands in battle. Become the fencing master of your dreams when you wield the Fiore German Main-Gauche Parrying Dagger. 17th century German design inspires this Renaissance dagger while its name honors skilled Italian fencer Fiore dei Libiri.

How to Use a Main-Gauche:

What is a main-gauche? It is a parrying dagger, often the off-hand weapon that would accompany a sword. While the fighter would hold a sword in one hand for attack, the parrying dagger would be used for defense, deflecting the blows of the enemy, and thrusting in critical close range settings.

Dagger Construction:

Made of 5160 high carbon steel, this functional parrying dagger comes in your choice of sharpened or unsharpened. After a wide, blunt ricasso, the blade features double fullers down its entire length. The slender blade tapers gradually to its point.

Next, the quillons of the narrow guard curve abruptly towards the blade and end in angled points. They have ridges along their lengths that call to mind the fullers on the fencing dagger.

Then, this parrying dagger boasts a swept-ring guard. Not only is this historical guard interesting to look at, it also adds function to the European Renaissance dagger. This unique guard protects the hand and forearm from attack, able to catch and trap blades. A quatrefoil design appears inside the ring, adding extra detail and trapping points for capturing enemy swords and daggers.

Meant to be wielded while wearing gloves, the wire wrapping on the handle offers great grip against the leather material of your favorite pair of swordsman gloves.

Finally, the hexagonal pommel helps balance the weight of the blade of the Musketeer dagger. Bring this Renaissance main-gauche to your next duel. It is a must-have for any Renaissance noble. Wield it at your next historical reenactment or fencing meet.

Key Features:

  • Blade has blunt ricasso and double fullers
  • Swept-ring guard helps catch enemy blades
  • Must-have for fencing or Renaissance noble costumes
  • Wire-wrapped handle grips well in leather gloves
  • Great for historical reenactment and fencing


  • Blade is made of 5160 high carbon steel


  • Overall Length: 17 Inches
  • Blade Length: 11 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound 3 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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