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Many heeded the call of the Crusades, noble and peasant alike. One noble who went was named Tancred, and he would eventually become prince of Galilee. This Tancred Crusaders Tunic carries not his house emblem, but the cross he would have worn as a crusader. With a distinctive design that echoes the look of the classic crusaders tunic, this garment features little additional touches that serve to make it a bit nobler in its bearing. The tunic is crafted in 100 percent cotton and features an off-white color, while a great red cross is emblazoned on the chest. Adorning the cross is elegant gold trim, creating a trio of sun-rays that extend out from each terminal of the cross. The tunic also features lining to make it a bit more durable and a bit more comfortable to wear. Wear it over chainmail, sold separately, and accent the waist with you own favorite belt to get the look shown here. You will certainly look the part of the Crusader-Prince you wear this Tancred Crusaders Tunic, and if you fight well, you will do its namesake great honor, while also feeling all the more like a Crusader, yourself.

Key Features:

  • A classic rendition of the Crusaders attire
  • Made from heavy, off-white fabric
  • Decorated with a blood red Crusader cross and gold sunray accents
  • Tunic is lined for comfort
  • Great for Crusader costumes, Renaissance fairs, and reenactment events


  • Made of heavy 100 percent cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean recommended

ChestWaistOverall LengthShoulder Width
Small/Medium34-40 inches55.5 inches49.5 inches18.75 inches
Large/X-Large42-48 inches58.5 inches50.5 inches20 inches


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