Suede Medieval High Boots – Brown

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Before you head out on a grand adventure, put on some boots to cover your feet. The brown Suede Medieval High Boots are a great option. Made from suede, these brown boots come in a range of sizes, allowing both men and women to wear them. They lace up in front and tie at the top of the boots with light brown laces. The boots end just below the knees. The boots have a slight heel. Wear these brown suede boots to your next reenactment, faire, or roleplaying event.

Key Features:

  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Wearable by men and women
  • Laces up in front
  • Great for medieval and fantasy characters
  • Wonderful for reenactments, faires, and more


  • Made from suede leather


These are European Sizes. The US size listed is a conversion to the closest US shoe size.
Shaft HeightHeel HeightMax Calf CircumferenceSole Length
Euro 37 – US Womens 6.517 inches0.6 inches16.5 inches9.8 inches
Euro 38 – US Womens 7.517.3 inches0.6 inches16.5 inches10 inches
Euro 39 – US Womens 8.5 – US Mens 6.517.5 inches0.6 inches17 inches10.1 inches
Euro 40 – US Womens 9.5 – US Mens 717.8 inches0.6 inches17.5 inches10.3 inches
Euro 41 – US Womens 10.5 – US Mens 818.5 inches0.6 inches18 inches10.6 inches
Euro 42 – US Womens 11.5 – US Mens 918.6 inches0.6 inches18.3 inches10.8 inches
Euro 43 – US Womens 12 – US Mens 1018.8 inches0.6 inches18.5 inches11.1 inches
Euro 44 – US Mens 1119.3 inches0.6 inches19 inches11.3 inches
Euro 45 – US Mens 1219.5 inches0.6 inches19 inches11.8 inches
Euro 46 – US Mens 1319.8 inches0.6 inches19 inches12 inches


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