StG 44 Assault Rifle Bullet


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These bullet replicas are made to fit German StG 44 Assault Rifle replicas and are modeled after the bullets that this firearm traditionally fired. They are safe, solid metal castings that cannot be made into live ammunition. They have a wonderful solid-metal look and feel, resembling the polished brass that is so typical of a bullet or cartridge. These bullets are sold as a set of six and make for a great display to have alongside any replicas you might possess, especially if you already have a StG 44 Assault Rifle replica. They also make for great stage props or theatric pieces to use for realistic effect.

Key Features:

  • Decorative, Non-Fireable, Cannot be Made Fireable
  • Modeled After the Cartridge Used in StG 44 Rifles
  • Features a Realistic Look and Feel
  • Perfect for Decoration and Display
  • A Great Theatric or Reenactment Prop


  • Made from a Zinc Alloy


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