Sterling Silver Celtic Knotwork Dragon Pendant


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The Sterling Silver Celtic Knotwork Dragon Pendant showcases a design rife with symbolism. The dragon curls around in a circle to where it bites its tail in a design similar to an ouroboros, its body displaying Celtic knots. In the center of the circle, a simple triquetra appears to fill the space. The ouroboros is a symbol of cyclicality, while knotwork represents the eternal. The triquetra stands for threefold concepts such as earth, sea, and sky. Dragons also stand for a wide range of meanings. The head of the dragon features pebbled skin, a narrow eye, pointed fangs, flared ears, and a spiky fan running down its back. Crafted from sterling silver, this Celtic dragon pendant makes a stunning accessory.

This item comes only as a pendant. Our Stainless Steel Box Chain (WH-CN03217) can be purchased separately.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from sterling silver
  • Displays a knotwork dragon design
  • Great Celtic jewelry option
  • A lovely personal accessory or gift
  • Comes only as pendant


  • Length: 1.1 Inches


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