Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Ring

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The Celtic knot has become a fairly common design in the modern world, thanks to the level of beauty that even the most uncomplex of knots can offer. This Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Ring is no different, possessing a classic and beautiful knot design. The ring is crafted entirely from quality sterling silver, which adds an impressive metallic glimmer to the rings appearance. The rings band supports a round ring face, which is attractively decorated with a twisting Celtic knot that loops around the ring faces edges and forms an attractive crosshatch design at the rings center. In folklore, the Celtic knot is thought to have many meanings, although it is most commonly associated with eternity, infinity, and mans eternal journey for spiritual growth. The ring measures 11.8mm wide at the knot and 2.5mm wide at the band, and weighs approximately 4.7 grams. Those who might have a little bit of Celtic blood in their veins will find that this ring is a great way to show off that heritage, although you do not have to be a Celt to enjoy the knot. After all, anyone can wear this Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Ring and enjoy the style and look that this ring lends to any level of style.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Quality Sterling Silver
  • Inspired by Traditional Celtic Designs
  • A Great Ring with Beautiful Celtic Look
  • Decorated with a Single Elegant Celtic Knot
  • A Great Gift Idea for Special Individuals
  • Also a Fantastic Piece of Everyday Jewelry


  • The ring runs true to traditional US ring sizes


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