Steampunk Striped Underbust Corset


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Combining the chic look of a classic underbust corset with phenomenal Steampunk style, the Steampunk Striped Underbust Corset is a striking accessory that can be used to breathe new life into dozens of different outfits and ensembles. This underbust corset is made from faux leather in alternating stripes of white and black, which adds a bit level of contrast to the corsets appearance. The upper and lower hems of the corset feature a subtle black trim. The corsets front features a zipper, while the back features a drawstring with eyelets, which allows the corset to be somewhat adjustable. The interior of the corset also features black twill lining, which makes the corset rather comfortable to wear. This Steampunk Striped Underbust Corset is a great garment to use when building a new Steampunk look from scratch, and it is also a fantastic accessory to add to your older Steampunk ensembles to give them a new and impressive appearance.

Key Features:

  • Made From Black and White Faux Leather
  • Features A Zipper on the Front
  • Back Fastens with Eyelets and Drawstring
  • Possesses a Twill Lining for Comfort
  • Complements Old and New Steampunk Looks Very Well

WaistFront LengthBack Length
20 Inch20 inches10 inches10 inches
22 Inch22 inches10 inches10 inches
24 Inch24 inches10 inches10 inches
26 Inch26 inches10 inches10 inches
28 Inch28 inches10 inches10 inches
30 Inch30 inches10 inches10 inches
32 Inch32 inches10 inches10 inches
34 Inch34 inches10 inches10 inches
36 Inch36 inches10 inches10 inches


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