Steampunk Plague Doctor Trinket Box


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With its nod to the Black Death, the Steampunk Plague Doctor Trinket Box brings a unique flair to any space that you place it in. Made from cold-cast resin, this hand-painted bronze-colored box has a circular shape.

The lid depicts a plague doctor. Its mask, hat, and coat have a style that looks like pieces of metal riveted together. There is a dark red band along the hat. It matches the eye pieces and back of the doctors mask as well as the faux pipe running on the side. There is an orange tip on the beaked mask.

Meanwhile, there is a circular border around the doctor. It has two quarters of red scrollwork. The sections of scrollwork are opposite each other. The outside edge of the lid has a bolted look. On the sides of the box, there is a dark red winged hourglass design with a pipe below it. You can store your small trinkets and treasures away in this steampunk box.

Key Features:

  • Has a circular shape
  • Depicts a plague doctor
  • Features a steampunk style
  • Highly detailed
  • Great decor piece and collectible


  • Made from cold-cast resin


  • Measurements coming soon.


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