Steampunk Owl Mask Wall Plaque


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The Steampunk style is so ornate and eye-catching that it deserves not only a place in your wardrobe, but also in your personal decor. This Steampunk Owl Mask Wall Plaque is a great way to implement this design anywhere in your home. Crafted by hand from cold cast bronze, this plaque depicts a masquerade mask of an owls face with beautifully etched feathers. Under long, sweeping eyelashes sit two eyes made of red and bronze gears and a bronze beak. Studs around the edge of the mask add an extra Steampunk touch, and an ornate design at the top provides a Victorian element as well. Perfect for any wall or shelf in your home, this Steampunk Owl Mask Wall Plaque is a wise choice for showing off your classy Steampunk style.

Key Features:

  • Crafted by hand for a stunning look
  • Displays the face of an owl in Steampunk form
  • Includes gears, studs, and Victorian elements
  • Features incredible detail and quality
  • An amazing piece of decor and a wonderful gift idea


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Length: 8.25 Inches


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