Stargazer Statue


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The universe is infinite, giving all living things the opportunity to explore it without end, either with space travel or with the only thing humans have that is as great as the universe, our imaginations. Travel your imagination with the Stargazer Statue. Crafted from high quality polystone, this statue features a crystal crowned fairy who is draped in a purple and blue robe with translucent blue and purple wings. Her right hand supports her robe while she holds a crystal orb in her left. Her gentle face is framed by silver hair as she gazes softly into the distance. Get this beautiful scene with the Stargazer Statue and get yourself a sky watching partner too.

Key Features:

  • Great fantasy design
  • Highly detailed and hand painted
  • Licensed art from Anne Stokes
  • Majestic fairy captured in stunning detail


  • Made from Polystone


  • Height: 10.4 Inches


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