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Despite its gilded look, this Spanish Knight Statue depicts what would have been a classic look for a medieval knight who fought in service to the kings, queens, and lords of Spain, his might tested in battle in service to both country and crown. This impressive knight is a diminutive figurine that measures only 4 inches tall, 1 inch wide, and 1.5 inches long, although such a small size does not hurt its presence much, because it features such incredible detail that it still manages to stand out. This little knight wears a full suit of Spanish plate armor that is rendered in a metallic hue of silver, complete with vivid yellow-gold edging around the legs, breastplate, and arms. Unlike most knights, this Spanish warrior is a little more decorative, possessing a war-skirt under his tasset and a half-shoulder cape over one shoulder. In one hand, the knight loosely holds a lance, the tool of choice in both tournament jousts and battlefield excursions. In spite of its metallic look, this medieval statue is made entirely from cold cast resin, which has been hand-painted and finished to resemble the faded metal of knightly armor. Even alone, this Spanish Knight Statue is an impressive medieval decoration to own, adding that little touch of medieval style to any room or living space. And when you pair them with other knights, you will have the makings of your own battalion or an impressive and grand tourney.

Key Features:

  • Made from Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand Painted and Extremely Detailed
  • Depicts a Knightly Spaniard In Armor with a Battle Lance
  • A Fantastic Addition to Medieval and Fantasy Decorations or Collections
  • Great Gift Idea for Enthusiasts of History and the Medieval Era


  • Height: 4 Inches
  • Width: 1 Inch
  • Length: 1.5 Inches


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