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Who says that soul mates have to be the same species? This Soul Mates Statue depicts a gothic girl who has formed a very powerful bond with a dragon, which has led to the two becoming nigh inseparable, while also serving as a very imposing pair. Having been inspired and modeled after the artwork of Anne Stokes, this statue is a wonderful recreation that holds true to the artists original design. The statue depicts a lovely young girl who, at first glance, might appear to be part dragon. This is only a trick of the eyes, though, as a closer look reveals that the dragon and the girl are indeed separate. The girl has flowing long hair, and she dresses in a regal purple gown, as well as an elegant green cloak. Her dragon companion clings to her back, its wings spread in such a way that they appear to be long to the girl. The dragons tail wraps tightly around her waist, while one claw holds onto her shoulder. Over the girls other shoulder, the dragons head can be seen, watching all those who might approach. The statue is crafted in polystone, which is a variant of cold cast resin that is mixed with powdered stone to create a finer feel and finish. It is also hand painted, which gives it a stunningly vibrant coloration, as well as an impressive level of detail. This fantasy statue stands approximately 9.125 inches tall. Not all dragons are scourges that scathe all in their path. Some are more loyal, and it is that loyalty, that bond, that makes this Soul Mates Statue such an appealing collectible to any and all dragon enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • A Beautifully Hand Painted Statue
  • Inspired by the Artwork of Anne Stokes
  • Depicts a Gothic Maiden with her Dragon Familiar
  • Features an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Makes for a Stunning Decoration
  • A Great Home Decor Piece or Gift Idea


  • Made from Polystone


  • Height: 9.125 Inches


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