Skeletal Dark Knight Art Scroll


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This pale rider takes to the battlefield with ease, eagerly awaiting the chance to spread mayhem and chaos. The Skeletal Dark Knight Art Scroll depicts a warrior who will not let a little thing like death keep him from fighting. Maybe that is why death has not stopped him. Riding a pale horse as he is, this skeletal figure could be death himself, armed, armored, and ready to fight, instead of idly waiting on the sidelines! This impressive wall scroll is based on the fantasy work of Tom Wood, and it recreates his Dark Rider artwork. This piece depicts a skeletal warrior, mounted on the back of a pale, white steed. The warrior wears leather to cover and protect its clammy, cold flesh, while in one hand, it wields a great battle axe, one that looks quite capable of removing a head from a mans shoulders with ease. The undead warrior also wears a long black cape and a plumed helm, and rides into battle with a sword and shield, mounted on his side and steed, so that no matter he might face, he will be ready to face it like a fighter. This wall scroll is made in polyurethane, and it reproduces the art perfectly, while featuring two black scroll ends, one of which is attached to a short black cord for easy hanging and display. The art print scroll measures approximately 10 inches long and 12 inches wide. It has been said that death is the rider of the pale horse, and if such is the case, than this Skeletal Dark Knight Art Scroll gives us a vision of death when he tires of waiting and choses to ride the realm of the living.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Artwork of Fantasy Artist Tom Wood
  • Features his Dark Rider Work
  • Depicts a Skeletal Warrior, Riding a Pale Horse
  • Quick and Easy to Hang and Display
  • A Great Gothic Piece of Wall Decor


  • Made from polyurethane


  • Length: 10 Inches
  • Width: 12 Inches


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