Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown



Named for its decorations, the Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown is a stately and stunning dress made from velvet and taffeta. This beautiful black and silver dress creates an appearance that is nothing short of perfect for a glorious, stately queen. This dress is made from rich black velvet, while the front of the dress is made from silver taffeta. Not only do these two luxurious materials work extremely well together but the color combination is also incredibly appealing. The central portion of this dress is decorated with fine silver roses set against a series of intersecting lines. The Juliette sleeves are black velvet and fitted to the arm, while the shoulder is puffed and decorated with additional silver roses. The Silver Rose Elizabethan Gowns appearance is accented by a high collar that features embedded wires. These flexible, hidden wires enable the high collar to keep whatever shape it is given. This dress also features an interior lining, as well as boning, all of which serve to keep the dress material smooth and the shape perfect. This dress is available in a variety of sizes but is only available in black and silver. It fastens via laces in the back, which makes it highly adjustable. Also, please note that in the picture above, a hoop-skirt was used to give the dress its shape, one is not included with the dress. If the flared, wide-bottomed look is desired, then a hoop-skirt or petticoat can be purchased separately, otherwise, the dress can be worn just as well without one. The Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown is a dress that will make a woman look and feel like a queen for the day.

Key Features:

  • Made from High Quality Materials
  • Absolutely Beautiful Monarchic Dress
  • Great For Renaissance Fairs and Medieval-Themed Weddings
  • Made in Medieval and Renaissance Era Style


  • Small: 33-35 Inch Bust, 26-28 Inch Waist, 41 Inch Skirt Length, 14 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Medium: 36-38 Inch Bust, 29-31 Inch Waist, 42 Inch Skirt Length, 16 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Large: 39-41 Inch Bust, 32-34 Inch Waist, 43 Inch Skirt Length, 17 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • X-Large: 42-44 Inch Bust, 35-37 Inch Waist, 44 Inch Skirt Length, 18 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • XX-Large: 46-48 Inch Bust, 39-41 Inch Waist, 45 Inch Skirt Length, 19 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • XXX-Large: 50-53 Inch Bust, 44-46 Inch Waist, 46 Inch Skirt Length, 20.5 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder


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