Side Lacing Pentagram Waist Cincher


The Side Lacing Pentagram Waist Cincher is made from very nice medium weight leather with a cut-out Pentagram in the center of the front piece. The back of the cincher is plain. The Pentagram is showcased with your choice of recessed suede for a custom look. The corset is available in a variety of color combinations. You can pair this corset with any of our leather bras or pair it with a skirt and chemise for a classic look. The Side Lacing Pentagram Waist Cincher laces up on each side. Extra long leather laces are included. We make this item to your waist size. For example, if you have a 32 inch waist, then you would select 32 inch in for the size. The cincher measures 10.5 inches wide in the front (center) and is 6.25 inches on the sides where the lacing is.

When selecting the color, the first color listed is for the corset. The second color listed is for the suede inset.

Key Features:

  • Made from medium weight leather
  • Slims the waist
  • Cut out Pentagram design
  • Laces up on each side

24 Inch 24 inches
25 Inch 25 inches
26 Inch 26 inches
27 Inch 27 inches
28 Inch 28 inches
29 Inch 29 inches
30 Inch 30 inches
31 Inch 31 inches
32 Inch 32 inches
33 Inch 33 inches
34 Inch 34 inches
35 Inch 35 inches
36 Inch 36 inches
37 Inch 37 inches
38 Inch 38 inches
39 Inch 39 inches
40 Inch 40 inches
41 Inch 41 inches
42 Inch 42 inches
43 Inch 43 inches
44 Inch 44 inches
45 Inch 45 inches
46 Inch 46 inches
47 Inch 47 inches
48 Inch 48 inches


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