Shamrock Tankard


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Leather Tankard Strap - Black

When you are not sitting in a medieval or fantasy tavern, you need a place to keep your tankard. Carry it with you this black Leather Tankard Strap. This tankard accessory is ideal for many different LARP and cosplay ensembles.

Tankards were once the vessel of choice when it came to enjoying a fine beverage, and even today, they remain a popular choice. This Shamrock Tankard is a perfect match for those who want something classic and Celtic to enjoy their beverage from. This tankard is made entirely from lead-free pewter and features an attractive engraving along its side. Circular Celtic designs form a ring on the tankards side, while the interior of the ring is decorated with an engraved three leaf clover. It also features a subtly stylized handle and a stunning polished finish that really makes the pewter metal gleam in the light. Being lead-free, this tankard is totally safe for use, making it a solid decoration as well as a great addition to your fair attire. It also serves well as a casual vessel for you to enjoy drinks from in your own home! Pair this Shamrock Tankard with any drink of your choosing and you will have a winning combination that will go far towards making you feel more medieval whenever you enjoy a nice beverage.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from 100 Percent Lead Free Pewter
  • Fully Functional and Safe for Use
  • Features a Polished Finish
  • Decorated with Engraved Celtic Design and a Shamrock
  • Great for Re-enactments, Medieval Themed Feasts, and Parties
  • A Spectacular Gift for Yourself or a Loved One


  • Height: 5 Inches
  • Volume: 0.5 Liters


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