Royal’s Gem Mini Studded Crown



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This Royals Gem Mini Studded Crown reflects what might be one of the most iconic styles for a crown. Decorated with rhinestones and capped with fleur de lis symbols, it is the perfect image of a crown created in a miniature design. Small circular dimples add an embossed detail to the crown and an intricate pattern around the edges, while the colorful rhinestones lend it a jewel-studded style that befits any monarch. The crown is crafted from quality metal and comes plated in either gold or silver. This miniature crown is quite small and sits on top of the head, not around the head. The Royals Gem Studded Crown is a perfect choice for when you need to inspire a noble look, either as a king or a queen, whenever your royal court is in attendance.

Key Features:

  • An impressively designed and eye-catching mini medieval crown
  • Crafted in quality metal and plated in gold or silver
  • Has a richly adorned design
  • Features internal loops to pin in place
  • Accented with fleur de lis spires and colorful rhinestones
  • Great for Renaissance fairs, weddings, dances, formal occasions and more


  • Crown Circumference: 12 Inches
  • Crown Diameter: 4.25 Inches
  • Height: 4 Inches


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