Red Blade Samurai Sword

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With the Red Blade Samurai Sword in hand, you are sure to impress all who see the weapon, both on and off the battlefield. Made from 1045 carbon steel, this functional sword features a curved blade, typical of Japanese swords. It has a printed red finish. The finish features a swirl pattern. A fuller, or bo-hi, runs along the spine of the blade. The fuller lightens the blade. There is a brass blade collar, or habaki, at the base of the blade.

The katana continues with a square black crossguard, or tsuba. Golden accents the tsubas warrior design. Then, black cotton wraps around the white faux ray-skin handle. Finally, this functional katana comes with a black scabbard. A red and blue splatter pattern covers the wooden scabbard. It has a black wrapping near the throat.

Use this sword in combat or add it to your home decor. Regardless, it will surely steal some attention. Of course, when you are not taking it into battle, put it on a display stand or keep it sharp with some sword maintenance supplies.

Historical Info

The katana developed after the tachi, a previous sword wielded by the samurai. It was used for close combat during the Sengoku period, which was during the late Middle Ages in Europe. Later on, it also used as a weapon during the Edo period.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Rich red coloring on blade
  • Warrior design on tsuba
  • Striking swirl pattern on scabbard
  • Great collectible sword


  • Blade is 1045 carbon steel
  • Hilt wrapping is cotton over faux ray skin
  • Scabbard is wood

Overall LengthBlade LengthBlade Thickness
One Size41 inches28 inches0.2 inches


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