Primitive Obsidian Arrowhead

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The Primitive Obsidian Arrowhead is based off of the arrowheads wielded in ancient times. Add it your reenactment kits and historical displays. Knapped by hand, this obsidian arrowhead has a rugged look that suits all kinds of historical settings.

The arrowhead has a narrow, tapering shape. Then, past the base, extends the stem, or tang, of the arrowhead. This structure can help make it easier to attach to arrow shafts. Create your own unique arrows with this DIY stone arrowhead.

Because the natural stone color and texture will vary from arrowhead to arrowhead, no two will be exactly alike. This uniqueness thus adds to the authenticity of your hunting kit or display.

Made of obsidian, this historical arrowhead makes a versatile addition to reenactment kits. You can also use it in DIY arrow-making or as a prop for a historical scene. Obsidian blades, besides being used for arrowheads, were popular cutting tools. They are still used in surgery today due to the extreme sharpness of an obsidian blade.

As this item is made from natural materials, its appearance may vary slightly from what is shown.

Key Features:

  • Hand knapped to suit historical settings
  • Has barbed bottom edges and short tang
  • Great for historical hunting and survival kits
  • Use for DIY arrow making
  • Adds detail to historical displays


  • Made from obsidian

Care Instructions:

  • Please note that obsidian is a hard but brittle material. Take precaution when handling this arrowhead.


  • Length: 1.9 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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