Priestess Dress


Our Priestess Dress is truly a universal piece. With a little imagination you can create so many different looks with just this one garment. Lets start with the basics of the dress. There is a front panel that goes down the front of the dress and slightly flares out towards the bottom of the dress. This helps create a small waistline and overall, is appealing to the eye. The sides of the dress have laces on them, you can lace it loosely or cinch it in for a fitted look. Be creative with the lacing, for example you can lace each side up by them self, pull the laces all the way to tie in the back, or wrap the laces all the way around the front to create a belted look. Now on to the sleeves. They also have lacing options. There is an open slit from the top of the arm all the way down. You can fully lace the sleeves, partially lace the sleeves, or roll the sleeves up and secure them with the lace. When you start to pair this dress with other items, like a cloak, belts, over coats, etc., that is when you start to create your own unique style.

Key Features:

  • A very versatile and universal dress
  • A top quality garment
  • Fitted with draw-strings
  • Goes with many different outfits and themes


  • Made of heavy cotton

Bust Waist Overall Length Sleeve Length
Small 32-36 inches 24-34 inches 51 inches 21 inches
Medium 36-40 inches 34-42 inches 52 inches 22.5 inches
Large 42-46 inches 36-42 inches 53 inches 22.5 inches
X-Large 45-48 inches 42-51 inches 56 inches 22.75 inches


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