Praetorian Leather Crest Helm



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The Praetorian Leather Crest Helm revives the old Corinthian helmet that was so popular during the Greek days and updates it with Roman styling and modern construction. The end result is an awe-inspiring helm befitting any Roman warrior or commander! Like the old Corinthian helmets this leather helmet has a T-shaped opening that the warrior can see and breathe through while still providing superior protection to the face and head. An antiqued bronze Roman phalerae or medal adorns the brow of the helmet. A tall crest adorns the top and an authentic horsehair plume hangs from the back. Add in the rich hues of brown and black, and this Praetorian Leather Crest Helm offers plenty of stunning details that are sure to impress and inspire all those who see another wearing it!

Key Features:

  • Available in two sizes
  • Hand dyed in a rich brown and black coloration
  • Decorated with antiqued brass rivets
  • Adorned with a Roman phalerae medal on the brow
  • Features a genuine horse hair tassel attached at the back
  • Has chin straps for a comfortable fit
  • Well-suited for use in LARP events, Renaissance fairs, stage productions, and more
  • Perfect for completing Roman looks and protecting you in battle


  • Hand crafted entirely from 8-9 and 9-10 Ounce vegetable leather


  • Medium: Headband – 23.1 Inches
  • Large: Headband – 24 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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