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Once upon a time, the Powder Horn was all but a necessity, especially to mountain men who lived and died by their prowess as a hunter and a trapper. A powder horn could also be considered a distinctive and unique looking personal accessory, as many hunters tended to decorate and carve their powder horn to suit their personal tastes. Mimicking the construction of traditional powder horns, this piece is carved from authentic cow horn and made with nonferrous parts. Traditionally, animal horns were used because it was convenient and effective, as most horns were already hollow and were fairly waterproof. This horn has a sealed wood cap at one end, as well as a tied leather strap that secures a wood plug on the other end. Also typical of powder horns was the use of wood, leather, and other materials, ensuring that there was no chance of generating a spark while storing or loading with powder. Please note that, as this horn is crafted from animal horn, its appearance and coloration can vary slightly from what is shown. This Powder Horn will appeal to the mountain man in anyone, possessing an authentic look that makes this a great collectible, as well as a fantastic personal accessory to wear the next time you head off to an early American rendezvous or fair.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After Historic Powder Horns
  • Crafted from Authentic Cow Horn
  • Features A Wood Seal and Plug
  • Tied with a Simple Leather Strap
  • A Great Mountain Man Collectible or Personal Accessory


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