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Powder horns were once a fairly common accessory, both among mountain men and soldiers, as all firearms required a charge of powder to fire. As technology advanced, so too did the powder horn, as it eventually became a Powder Horn with Valve. Like the typical powder horns of old, this horn is crafted from authentic animal horn, this one in particular being made from buffalo horn. Please be aware, however, that as this is crafted from animal horn, its appearance and coloration can vary slightly from what is shown. This horn also features a sealed wooden cap at the widest end, which is tied with a leather strap to make this horn easier to carry. The other end features a fitted brass valve that could be used to regulate the flow of powder from within the horn. Typically, metal was avoided in powder horns to avoid creating sparks that could set off the powder, although brass is a nonferrous metal, which reduced the chance of creating a spark. This Powder Horn with Valve is a traditional historic accessory with a twist, making it a great choice to carry any time you are headed down to a mountain man rendezvous.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After Historic Powder Horns
  • Crafted from Authentic Buffalo Horn
  • Features A Wood Seal and an Adjustable Brass Valve
  • Tied with a Simple Leather Strap
  • A Great Mountain Man Collectible or Personal Accessory


  • Length: 8 to 12 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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