Pirate’s Single Holster Pistol Baldric



Most baldrics are thought of as being used to hold a sword. In this version, our pirate themed baldric has a pistol holster instead of a sword frog. Our Pirates Single Holster Pistol Baldric will make a great addition to any pirate or steampunk ensemble. Our pistol baldric is handmade from quality leather and features one holster that rests at the hip and will work wonderfully for blunderbuss style pistols as well as western style pistols. The pistol is not included with the baldric. The baldric is made from 2 inch wide leather with a round silver buckle. Please note that the brass buckle that is pictured is no longer available. These are now made with a rectangular antique silver buckle. The holster is slightly angled so the pistol is easy to grab and pull out. The pistol will sit securely in the holster. This single holster baldric is a must have for any pirate, and they also look great when used in steampunk outfits.

Key Features:

  • Hand crafted from quality leather
  • Singer holster that fits blunderbuss and/or western style pistols
  • A great look for pirate or steampunk themes
  • Adjustable sizing


  • One Size: 55 to 62 Inches
  • Holster Width at Top: 7 Inches
  • Holster Width at Bottom: 4 inches

To determine your size, measure from your left hip up to your right shoulder and then down your back, back to your left hip.


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