Pirate’s Leather Head Wrap


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The Pirates Leather Head Wrap is truly a manly-man accessory. This simple, stylish head wrap is styled after the wraps that were worn for centuries by men on the sea and off for reasons of personal style or safety. Why, exactly, would a man have worn a head wrap like this? A pirate might have chosen to wear one to keep the wind from blowing his hair around, which could have obscured his vision. A blacksmith might have worn one to keep his longer hair tied back and out of his way while working at the forge. A swashbuckler might have worn one because he thought it made him look debonair. They were worn for every reason under the sun, and now you can add a classic, 100 percent genuine leather head wrap to any medieval look or Renaissance style that you have, as well. And even if you are not a pillager on the high seas, the Pirates Leather Head Wrap is still a great accessory for other professions to wear, whether you are a peasant working the fields, a smith making weapons, or a warrior fighting for his life.

Key Features:

  • Simple Black Finish
  • Great for Covering and Keeping your Hair in Place
  • A Beautiful Complement to Medieval and Renaissance Styles
  • Made in the USA


  • Made from 100 percent genuine leather


  • The headwrap is one size fits all with a tie in the back for an adjustable fit.


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