Pewter Heraldic Lion Pin Badge


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As the king of beasts, the lion carries a lot of power as a heraldic symbol, embodying power, nobility, and might, as well as royal strength. And this Pewter Heraldic Lion Pin Badge allows you to wear that symbol whenever you want, however you want. This pin depicts the lion in its most classic position, that of a rampant lion. The position sets the lion up on one hind leg, with all its other limbs held out, as if ready to claw and fight. It is an aggressive and battle-ready pose, for which the king of beasts is best-known. The lion also features a crown atop its head, to signify its royal power. The pin is made entirely from polished pewter, and it features a pin with clasp backing, so that it can easily be worn. Included with the pin is a printed card that features, on its reverse, a bit of historical information about heraldry and its designs. It is a fine little pin to place on your attire when you plan on playing up your look as king, and this Pewter Heraldic Lion Pin Badge is also a fine piece to put on your lapel when you want a bit of royal style to go with your everyday look, too.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from Fine, Polished Pewter
  • Depicts the Heraldic Form of the Rampant Lion
  • Pin with Clasp Backing Makes It Easy to Wear
  • Also Features a Card Backing, with Historic Information
  • A Great Collectible, Costume Piece, or Everyday Accent


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